Emily Shepard

Meet the Azure Northwest Homes Team


Land Development Assistant

Emily enjoys spending her free time adventuring and being outdoors with her husband Cory and two puppies, Stella and Luna, and is surprisingly good at golf! Emily has worked in Land Development for only a few months but has been remodeling and homebuilding for over a year now.

Emily considers her biggest accomplishment is the ability to overcome adversity, despite the odds and negativity against her and being able to successfully become a better person because of it. On a personal to professional level, Emily watched her sister began her journey into the interior design field and while watching her follow her dream, it made her fall in love with the thought of learning how to build something from the ground up. Emily began to follow along with her sister’s journey and learned through her teachings, thoughts and ideas. This led Emily to an inside sales position for a remodeling company, after a few months there her reputation proceeded itself and ended up landing a position with a local homebuilder in Puyallup where I was helping to build and design the houses. Her sister, then introduced me to this opportunity for Azure NW Homes and she knew she would be a fool not to see where it took her. With her knowledge from those experience along with the fact that her husband’s plumbing apprentice on the weekends, she knew a career in developing and building homes is where she was meant to be.

At Azure, Emily is most complimented on her ability to research and present information in an efficient and timely manner to get the job done.