Isaac Stocks

Meet the Azure Northwest Homes Team


Founder & Managing Principal

If you asked Isaac about the “why” behind his work, here’s what he’d tell you: “I love what I do. I enjoy the process and challenge of creating the ideal home for my buyers. I’m always trying to understand what families are looking for in a home–it’s just so personal. I strive to maximize light, design, and function in every way: What features will empower a family to thrive? We’re not just building a structure, we’re creating the space for a life well-lived.” As the Founder of Azure Northwest Homes and the Managing Principal of our team, Isaac oversees homebuilding operations for each of our neighborhoods. On top of day-to-day operations, Isaac is likely to be developing the strategy for our next neighborhood, spearheading expansion into key markets and nurturing the growth of our company. The Pacific Northwest is where Isaac loves to spend his time, whether it’s a scenic hike through Mt. Rainier National Park or kayaking at the lake. When he’s not building homes, Isaac enjoys building other things: monstrous leaf piles, epic sandcastles, and snow fortresses with his three sons. Isaac, his wife, and their sons are often found on treasure hunts at the beach or hiking the local trails in search of Bigfoot.