Toni Cavalli

Meet the Azure Northwest Homes Team


Land Development Manager

Toni has more than 26 years of experience in the construction industry, starting as a flagger, then as a traffic control supervisor, laborer, truck driver, and heavy equipment operator. While attending the University of Washington’s Construction Management program, Toni worked for a general contractor. Her career began as a Contract Administrator, then she became a Project Engineer, and now she is a Land Development Manager.

Toni’s everyday responsibilities include performing due diligence on potential properties and determining if they are feasible to pursue at Azure Northwest. She prepares a pro forma for budgeting, schedules a geotechnical review, an arborist review, an engineering review, and a septic review if the property is pursued.  In addition to managing properties currently under contract, Toni handles the permitting process, the construction process, and the final plat process. During site development construction, she manages contractors and coordinates with communication contractors and utility districts. Additionally, Toni assists with closings on properties under contract, tracking current property sales agreements, and preparing bank funding presentations.

Toni says that the best part of her job is learning. There are so many aspects to acquisition of property, site development, and homebuilding, she feels like she will never stop learning and that’s exciting.

Toni’s favorite outdoor activity is camping – If only there was more time! In the wild, she could spend weeks exploring the beautiful outdoors with her friends and family, with basic necessities and a campfire. Over the years, she has collected many heart-shaped rocks, and she is incredibly adept at restoring furniture. Her biggest achievement is being a mother to her beautiful young daughter.